• End of fossil fuel era?

    The G7 also called for the decarbonisation of the global economy, pledging to move electricity generation towards renewable sources and nuclear by 2050reenex.

    However they stopped short of setting binding targets.
    Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst

    The G7 has called for a transformation of electricity generation towards renewables and nuclear by 2050. And they said fossil fuel should not be burned in any sector of the economy by the end of the century.

    The world's leaders have effectively signalled the end of the fossil fuel era that has driven economies since the Industrial Revolution.

    This is a seismic shift. But huge questions remain reenex hongkong.

    Some scientists and environmentalists accused the G7 of reckless complacency by suggesting that we can afford to burn fossil fuels at all past 2050.

    G7: End of fossil fuel era?

    On Ukraine, Ms Merkel said G7 countries hoped Russia would comply with a ceasefire agreement signed in February by pro-Moscow rebels and the Kiev government. But she added that sanctions could be strengthened if necessary.

    US President Barack Obama echoed her comments, saying: "The G7 is making it clear that if necessary we stand ready to impose additional significant sanctions against Russia."

    He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin must decide whether he still wants to wreck Russia's economy in pursuit of a "wrongheaded desire to recreate the glories of the Soviet empire rennex ".

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